BK Vision Management Inc.

From Vision to Completion

Certified Project Manager
Certified Scrum Master
Six Sigma Black Belt
30 Years in IT
25 Years in Entertainment
Port ST Lucie, FL (772) 621-5184

Project Management :

Organizes your Chaos   Manages Project Quality  
Identifies and Manages Risk   Manages Integration  
Builds a Project Strategy   Manages Project Change  
Manages the Project Pace   Resolves Project Issues  
Documents the Project   Uses Feedback to improve future Quality  

BK Vision Management Inc. has delighted customers since 2011 in the Corporate IT & Financial Sectors with excellence in Project Management.
     We manage our large projects in Agile or Waterfall with emphasis on budget, quality, and success. We don't just do a job, we guide you along the way to be the best that you can be.

BK Vision Management Inc. also help you reengineer your business process.
     We are 6-Sigma Black Belt certified, and Agile certified to give you a winning edge.
           6-Sigma will help you refine your existing processes using statistical controls and measurements.
           Agile development will let your development be flexible while conforming to a process.

Our vision is expanding to the Treasure Coast communities, and online customers, who can benefit from planning skills that help you obtain your goals.

BK Vision Management, Inc. has an outstanding sucess record:
 - With 30 years of IT management: IBM, Bank of America, Union Bank, Wells Fargo
- With 20 years of Excel,
we can help build out your custom reporting solution.
 - With our online presence,
we can help you build out your personal, branding with websites that fit your needs.
 - Our services are so well rounded,
we even do publishing of books, eBooks, videos and audios.

We get the vision, it's your vision: and we run with it to the goal.

PMP Certification